Sugarcane Planter With Ridger for sale

This implement specifically plants sugarcane. A sugarcane planter with ridger plants sugarcane by creating ridges and opening deep furrows.

Uses and Benefits of a Sugarcane Planter with Ridger

  • Plants sugarcane crop
  • Opens deep furrows
  • It cuts whole cane into pieces using its sharp edged blades
  • Its metering mechanism is used for administering insecticides and fertiliser
  • It presses soil cover with its tamping roller
  • Best suited for sandy loam soils
  • Improves mean bud emergence by 3.7%
  • As opposed to conventional planting methods, it uses 11 times less labour.
Technical Specifications of a Sugarcane Planter with Ridger
  • Operates via Tractor PTO shaft
  • Maximum planting capacity: 10 acres per day
  • Furrow depth: 250 mm
  • Mean overlapping distance: 72 mm
  • Cut cane length: 37 cm
  • Tractor compatibility: minimum 50 HP
  • Attached with three-point linkage